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Upper Yough, Class V

  • 07/20/2018
  • 12:30 PM
  • 07/22/2018
  • 9:00 PM
  • Friendsville, MD


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Upper Yough, Class V

Friday July 20, 2018 - Sunday July 21, 2018

Trip Leader: Jimi Nixon

This can be either a "new to the Upper Yough" (UY) or a "playboat down the Upper" depending on interest and skills of the participants.  The Deep Creek lake power house fires up at 11:00 Friday and Saturday meaning, if there's no natural flow, we can put on from about 1:15-1:30 and as late as 2.  (although if a new person trip, 1:30 will be enforced!)

With natural flow, those times get earlier.  The ideal level for first timers is 2.1-2.2.  2.3 is a little beefy.  2.4 the teeth start coming out (I won't put my little playboat on it higher than that) and 2.5 is just stinking fun!  Above that and we'll find somewhere else to run unless I have nothing but veterans on my trip.  Basically each inch on the gauge is several inches in the gorge.

The basic venue is such: Unless other natural flow is running, making the UY too high, we will be running the UY Fri and sat.  Sunday can either be the Lower Yough, the LY loop for those whole want to get back to the grind extra quick, or possibly ASCI but only if folk want to try that and it has to be scheduled now.

Of course all this goes out the window if we get a bunch of rain, making various other options available.  I will only lead people on rivers that I know at least fairly well.  So I can lead on Meadow Run (participants must be comfortable on the UY!), high water LY or Cheat, Middle Fork/Tygart (Travel required), Little Kanawa (Once again experienced only!).  I will not leave people behind.  If someone isn't comfortable with some of those options in the event of rain, we'll figure out what everyone can be comfortable with unless we have multiple experienced folk willing to lead, in which case we can split and run more than one river.

Meeting will be at Friendsville parking lot from 12:30-1:00.  Don't be late.  Or if you're going to be late, text me @614-309-4377 to give me an ETA.  We won't wait forever, but forgiveness is built into the schedule.  This is at:


zoom out to see more or set this as your destination in your phone.

Camp situation is this:  Unless a high amount of participants want to camp elsewhere (Yes, YOU can influence this!), camping will be at http://www.paddlerslane.com/campground

This is just N of Confluence, making it one of the easier campgrounds to get to the Upper AND to the lower on Sunday.  It's also cheap at $7 a person a night.  Drawback: The train, so bring earplugs if you're a light sleeper.  Or get everyone to talk me into some other place, like Benners, Tall Oaks, or one of the 2 campgrounds by the Cheat.  This is located at:  https://www.google.com/maps/place/Confluence,+PA+15424/@39.82738,-79.3932922,14z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x89cab5663087f601:0x8ce9cc69d14a3b9d!8m2!3d39.8128547!4d-79.3567015  zoom out to see more or set this as your destination in your phone or follow someone who knows the way.

Dining will be out.  There's a number of great places that some of you already know about, such as: Lucky Dog Cafe (Confluence), Falls City Pub (Ohiopyle) (Home of best Cajun Pasta around!), and Curts Family Restaurant (Route 40) (home of the biggest appetizer bread around!)  There are also some dining options in Deep Creek and Oakland areas.

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